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Non-Muslims Threatened by ‘Refugees’ for Declining to Participate in Islamic Prayers


Imagine if Christians ever did this to Muslims….. never happens. But Muslims oppressing, subjugating non-Muslims is expected and tolerated behavior. Excused, even.

“Non-Muslim refugees at mercy of other migrants, German group warns Europe,” Europe Online Magazine, May 9, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Berlin (dpa) – German refugee centres are not offering adequate protection for members of minority faiths, especially converts from Islam to Christianity, according to study published Monday by the Christian organization Open Doors Germany.

A report from the international mission, which was set up to support persecuted Christians around the world, said half of the 231 Christian refugees questioned in its survey reported being disadvantaged or bullied by Muslim migrants or guards.

Most of the migrants taking part in the survey came from Afghanistan or Iran.

A Protestant minister from Berlin said Christian refugees had been threatened after they refused to take part in an Islamic prayer organized by other migrants.

The Christian organization proposed



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