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‘Palestinians’: Israeli ‘Holocaust’ against us is worse than Nazis

Op-ed in PA newspaper twists General Golan’s remarks, claims Israel perpetrates ‘even more barbaric, discriminatory Holocaust.’

By Shimon Cohen


The reverberations from Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Yair Golan’s comments on Holocaust Remembrance Day refuse to disappear.

Disturbingly, Palestinians are now jumping on the remarks in order to claim that Israel is carrying out “an even more barbaric and discriminatory Holocaust” than that which the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews.

Palestinian Media Watch quoted an opinion peace from the official Palestinian Authority paper al-Hayat al-Jadida, in which the author, Omar Hilmi al-Ghul, twists General Golan’s words into “proof” that Israel is unjustly executing Palestinians.

Al-Ghul wrote: “Israeli Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan said… ‘If there’s something that frightens me about Holocaust remembrance it’s the recognition of the revolting processes that occurred in Europe in general, and particularly in Germany… and finding signs of them here among us today in 2016.’ Here he is referring to the field executions of Palestinian girls and children within the 48


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