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Since its establishment, Israel’s population has grown tenfold

At its founding, in 1948, Israel’s residents numbered 806,000, compared to today’s 8,522,000 • Some 6,377,000 Jews now live in Israel • Israel’s Jewish population comprised 43% of world Jewry in 2014, compared to 6% in 1948.

Zeev Klein

Sixty-eight years after gaining independence, and 71 years since the end of World War II and the Holocaust, Israel’s population stands at 8,522,000, the Central Bureau of Statistics said on Monday. This means that Israel’s population grew tenfold since its founding in 1948, when its population was only 806,000.

Some 6,377,000 (74.8%) of Israel’s residents are Jews, 1,771,000 (20.8%) are Arab and about 374,000 people (4.4%) fall into the other ethno-religious categories (non-Arab Christians, members of other religions, and those who do not belong to any specific faith in the official population registry). Foreign workers and asylum seekers are not included in those figures. As of 2014, they numbered about 192,000.

Today, some 75% of Israel’s Jewish population can be classified as “sabra” (native Israeli), of whom about half are second-generation Israelis. Only 35% of Israel’s Jews were sabras in 1948. According to CBS projections, Israel’s population will reach 11,300,000 by 2035.

Israel’s population grew by 182,000 people since last year’s Independence Day, representing a 2.2% increase. Some 195,000 babies were born over the


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