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Sweden: Mother Opens Home to Refugee Who Sexually Assaults 10-Year Daughter


The left — sacrificing their own children on the altar of “multiculturalism” and “pluralism.”

“Swedish Mother Opens Home to Refugee Who Sexually Assaults 10-Year Daughter,” Truth Revolt, May 9, 2016:

Most of us by now are quite familiar with the parable of the viper, in which a kind-hearted person finds a venomous snake freezing in the woods and decides to nurse it back to health. Once the snake is revived, however, he fatally bites the do-gooder. “You knew I was a snake when you took me in,” it explains.

This scenario keeps playing itself out in the West time and time again and is perfectly illustrated by the following story.

Back in 2015 a Swedish mother, in the spirit of multiculturalism, decided to do good and open her home to an Eritrean refugee. In fact, the mother even displaced her own 10-year-old daughter from her bedroom in order to make room for the Muslim migrant. Then the migrant sexually assaulted the little girl, the Daily Caller reports:

On the eve of Aug. 18, 2015, Emma awoke to find Isaac squeezing her chest. She suffered breast pain after the incident and didn’t want to tell anyone, as she was afraid her mother would get in trouble. Emma couldn’t even look at Isaac because “he looked scary to her.”

The story came out after Emma finally told a friend of hers, and eventually after several people became aware of the situation, Isaac was confronted.

He protested he would never sexually assault Emma, since he has a girlfriend back in Eritrea. But after further questioning, he finally admitted to groping Emma’s breasts. When the police questioned him, Isaac changed his testimony and denied he had ever touched her.

Isaac meanwhile maintains he’s only 15, since he started school in Eritrea when he was 10 and then went to school for an additional seven years. He finished school two years ago, which according to him, makes


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