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The doner’s a goner! US military confirm ISIS leader in Iraq who was mocked for looking like a kebab has been killed in air strike

  • Pentagon confirmed the death of Abu Wahib today near the town of Rutba  
  • He was a former member of Al-Qaeda who has appeared in ISIS videos
  • Gained online fame following a meme likening him to a doner kebab
  • ‘Removing him from the battlefield will be a significant step forward’

A top ISIS leader in Iraq who won online fame after being likened to a doner kebab, has been killed alongside three other jihadis in a US-led coalition air strike.

The Pentagon confirmed the death of ISIS commander Abu Wahib near the town of Rutba, in the Anbar desert on Monday.

The rotund 29-year-old was mocked on social media after images showing him wearing unusually coloured camouflage next to doner meat on a stick emerged on Twitter.

The weekend’s strike was targeting Wahib and spokesman Peter Cook said Wahib was ‘a former member of Al-Qaeda in Iraq who has appeared in ISIL execution videos’.

‘We view him as a significant leader in ISIL leadership overall, not just in Anbar Province,’ he added. ‘Removing him from the battlefield will be a significant step forward.’


The men were traveling in a vehicle when they were hit. Cook provided no additional details and did not specify if a warplane or a drone had carried out the strike.

The killing of Wahib is the latest in a series of attacks


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