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China censors TV footage of Queen criticising ‘very rude’ officials

Chinese authorities are censoring footage of the Queen calling the country’s government “very rude” as political leaders attempt to fend off a diplomatic storm.

A furore was sparked on Wednesday after she was caught on camera commiserating a police chief’s “bad luck” in having to deal with the Chinese during a state visit last October.

Both Britain’s Foreign Office and Chinese Embassy have since moved to dismiss claims of a rift between the countries.

However, as the footage was screened around the world, it emerged BBC World News bulletins were wiped out during broadcasts in the Far East.


News items referring to the incident were either blacked out or replaced by other footage across China, it was claimed.

The Queen was filmed chatting during a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday about the delegation’s “extraordinary” behaviour during a state visit by President Xi Jinping in October.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed that the Chinese state visit “got a bit stressful on both sides”.

But, on Wednesday, the Chinese Embassy in London denied the visit had been problematic. A statement said: “President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK last year was very successful. Both sides at the working level made great efforts towards the success of the visit.”

She made the comments about the highly sensitive Chinese state visit on the same day that Prime Minister David Cameron was also filmed telling her that Nigeria and Afghanistan were “fantastically corrupt countries.”

The Queen was introduced to


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