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Danish police: – We are NOT prepared for a terrorist attack


Danish police officers are still not prepared for a terrorist attack, warns police spokesman Michael Bergmann Møller.

The police was promised changes for the better, and a bag of money from the politicians, after the criticism rained down on the Danish police officers who defend the country against the terrorist Omar El-Hussein last year. They were too poorly equipped to shoot, they lacked bulletproof vests and proper IT, but 15 months later the cops are still missing the equipment.

– It is not about whether there will be a new terrorist attack, but when it happens. If it happens in an hour, are we prepared well enough to solve the task? I think not. The personal safety equipment we have is still not upgraded like we have been promised,” says Bergmann Møller, to BT.

– We must be ‘mentally prepared’, but it’s hard to feel prepared when driving in the streets without the most basic things – to


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