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Elderly terror victims: Arabs refused to help us as we bled

86-year-old relives horror on Jerusalem promenade, when terrorists pounced on her friends, and Arab workers refused to help.

By Ari Yashar


Marina Fuchs, 86, a friend of the two elderly women in their 80s who were stabbed by Arab terrorists in a knife attack in southeastern Jerusalem on Tuesday, spoke to Channel 10 about the harrowing experience.

Police continue to search for the two masked terrorists, who stabbed the two women as they walked on Armon Hanatziv’s Haas Promenade overlooking the Old City together with Fuchs and two other elderly women. The victims were classified as being in moderate but stable condition.

Fuchs revealed that Arab laborers at the scene of the attack refused to help the Jewish victims, even as they bled from their stab wounds.

The five elderly women had set out from the senior residence where they all live for a walk on the promenade, as is their custom. Suddenly the two terrorists pounced on them, stabbing the two victims repeatedly before fleeing the scene.

Fuchs recalled how one of the five elderly women shouted to her friends: “girls, run, run!”

“We looked back and she was sitting on the ground bleeding from her chest,” she described. Another of her friends was also wounded in the attack.

She said she and her friends asked Arab workers who were nearby to help, but they ignored their requests.

“We walked and next to the bathrooms stood Arabs who were cleaning there. We asked them to call an


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