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UK: Police APOLOGIZE for using Muslim phrase ‘Allahu akbar’ in counter-terrorism training exercise


While all this groveling and apologizing was going on, a devout Muslim was screaming “allahu akbar” while he hacked up a number of commuters at the Munich railway station, killing one and sending four to the hospital.

Now law enforcement and government officials have to apologize to Islamic supremacists for their terrible reality.

“Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, added: ‘There was no need for the Chief Constable to apologise I regard it as puzzling. His force was only doing their job. It is established fact that Islamic jihadis are the most serious threat to the UK at this time and it was important that the demonstration should be as realistic as possible.’”

Robert Spencer correctly points out, “when a politician as compromised as Keith Vaz thinks your political correctness has gone too far, you’re really off the deep end.”

“UK police apologise for Muslim phrase ‘Allahu akbar’ used in terrorism training exercise”
By Europe correspondent James Glenday,,  May 11, 2016:

British police have apologised after officers shouted the Arabic phrase “Allahu akbar!” during a terror training exercise in a shopping centre in northern England.

In video footage of the exercise broadcast on British television, a fake Muslim terrorist dressed in black could be seen running into the complex in Manchester shouting the words before setting off a bomb and falling to the floor.

“On reflection, we acknowledge



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