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‘GET A JOB!’ Danish minister lashes out at Muslim youths accused of harassing bar owners on ‘SHARIA PATROL’

When a Danish minister was called a “Nazi” and a “fascist” on the streets of a mainly-Muslim area of Copenhagen, she had a quick response for her fiercest critics: “get a job” and “behave” instead of harassing local business owners.

While visiting the neighborhood of Nørrebro, Minister for Integration Inger Støjberg said that those “harassing” local bar owners “all have opportunities,” BT reported.

“The only thing that will help is that they take part in Danish society. You can’t just hang around here all day and harass business owners. They should behave themselves,” she said.

The comments were made while Støjberg was in the neighborhood to speak to one of many bar owners who claim they’ve been threatened by local youths and anonymous vandalism. The owners appealed for her help earlier this week.

But while she was standing outside one of the area’s many bars, Støjberg was approached by two Danish women who shouted “Nazi!”as they passed by. When Støjberg asked the women to repeat themselves, they responded by saying “fascist” as they walked away, according to TV2.

The women were stopped by police shortly afterwards, and may face a fine for disturbing public order by swearing at a minister.

Unsurprisingly, the alleged trouble-makers had their own responses to Støjberg’s advice to get a job and an education.

One of the youths stated that he and his friends have an education, but are “just relaxing at the same time.”

Another accused Støjberg of coming to the neighborhood “as soon as there’s a slight incident.”

“This is populist politics. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” the young man said.

But the owner of Mucki Bar believes Støjberg’s attention was very much needed, claiming that bricks have been thrown through the bar’s window during opening hours and that protection


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