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The smiling assassins: Teenage boys grin with delight as they prepare to murder five innocent men after ISIS militants asked for VOLUNTEERS to execute ‘apostates’

  • ISIS militants paraded five prisoners who had been accused of rejected Islam, in front of a baying crowd in Iraq 
  • The terror group asks for volunteers to shoot dead the men and several teenage boys eagerly step forward 
  • The youngsters could not conceal their delight as members of the terror group handed them their weapons 
  • As the crowd begin a countdown, the volunteers then fire into the prisoners whose bodies are left on the ground 

Grinning with delight and clutching their weapons, these are the smiling teenage boys preparing to execute five innocent men after ISIS militants asked for volunteers to assassinate them for rejecting Islam.  

The five captives, who had all been convicted of apostasy, were led into the middle of a crowd by members of the terror group in Nineveh, Iraq.

They were all dressed in red overalls and were blindfolded before being forced to kneel on the ground.

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And shockingly, five young men raise their hands to offer to carry out the executions with some of them appearing eager to be picked.

Men guarding the prisoners then hand shotguns over to the chosen crowd members and they all appear delighted as they stand behind the victims pointing their weapons at them.

And as the baying crowd begins to shout and chant, after



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