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Mass rioting of Muslim ‘refugees’ in Copenhagen shocks the country and has citizens openly showing their despair at police helplessness


A shocked resident witnessed when police were battling about 200 immigrants at Islands Brygge in the Danish capital of Copenhagen on Friday.

– I was bicycling across Langebro, and already there I was met by five police cars. And it just kept coming more, says a resident, who was on her way home when police had to fight to take control of up to 200 young immigrants.

She does not want to be named because she is uncomfortable with the groups, which according to her, make Islands Brygge very insecure.

– They began to close the pier at both ends. As I got closer, I’m about to get run down by 5 to 6 policemen chasing some immigrants. I do not know if they got hold of them, says the eyewitness to Ekstra Bladet.

She sees how people flee from their seats in the sun because of the unrest.

– There are some groups that shout at the police. A really, really large group is right by the water with the police.

As the unrest spreads to Bryggen, families with children had to leave the area, and it did not go quietly.

– There were people running, some fast, some were drunk and did not understand what was going on. People on bikes with


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