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RAF Typhoon fighters scrambled to face down three Russian military aircraft approaching the Baltics

  • The RAF jets were scrambled from Amari airbase in Estonia in the mission
  • Russian transport planes allegedly weren’t engaging with air traffic control
  • They appeared ‘unresponsive’ but flew away as the jets hovered over them
  • Michael Fallon branded the face down a ‘Russian act of aggression’

RAF Typhoon fighter jets scrambled to face down three Russian military aircraft that were approaching the Baltic skies.

The jets were launched from Amari air base in Estonia to intercept the Russian transport planes which were allegedly not engaging with air traffic control as expected.

The planes appeared ‘unresponsive’ and didn’t transmit the recognised identification code in what was branded an ‘act of Russian aggression’ – but flew away when the RAF jets hovered over them.


The interception of the three aircraft – an AN-26 Curl, AN-12 Cub and IL-76 Candid – was the first intervention of the RAF’s latest mission to keep airspace in the area secure as part of the Baltic Air Policing Mission.

One of the pilots involved in the

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon branded the move an ‘act of Russian aggression’.

He said: ‘This is another example of just how important the UK’s contribution to the Baltic Air Policing Mission is.

‘We were able to instantly respond to this act of Russian aggression – demonstration of our commitment to Nato’s collective defence.’

Four RAF jets were deployed to join Baltic Air Policing for the four-month mission in April.

The NATO effort sees alliance members without their own air policing assets assisted by others in four-monthly cycles.

In this rotation, which is the third consecutive year the year the UK has committed to BAP, UK jets work alongside Portuguese F16s operating from Šiauliai in Lithuania.


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