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SHOCK REPORT: ‘Majority’ of Christians in refugee centres have suffered abuse from Muslims and police have done nothing

GERMAN migrant centres are not doing enough to protect Christians in camps as most have suffered abuse from Muslim refugees and guards, a shock new report claims.


According to the study, which was published by the Christian organisation Open Doors Germany, more than 80 per cent of Christian refugees feel abandoned, particularly converts from Islam to Christianity.

A “huge majority” have suffered attacks, abuse or other forms of harassment in reception centres since arriving in the country according to Open Doors, a Christian aid organization.

It claimed over 80 percent of Christian refugees had suffered at the hands of Muslims at refugee camps set up to deal with the influx of 1.2 million people into Germany during the last 17 months.

In particular, said the group, life was particularly difficult for Iranian and and Afghan converts to  Christianity.

The report states that the safety needs and vulnerability of the converts is not even known.

The majority of the converts come from Iran, with the remaining from Afghanistan and Syria.

The charity asked 231 Christian migrants between February and April.

Paulas Kurt from Christian charity ZOCD said: “I have seen families who because of the dangers have willingly left the camps to go back.”

He added that these are not isolated incidents, but are happening all over Germany.

Franz Josef Jung, religious affairs spokesman for Mrs. Merkel, said: “Refugees should not have the feeling that they face the same persecution as they did in the homeland when they arrive here.

“My party had already taken measures to improve the vetting process for security firms which staff refugee homes.”

Half of the 231 Christian migrants questioned in the 36-page survey said they had been picked on by Muslim guards.

A Christian Berlin priest said that Christian migrants had even been threatened when they did not take part in an Islamic prayer, organised by other migrants.

The Christian organisation


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