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Norwegian government seizes children, citing parents’ Christian ‘indoctrination’


After the Norwegian government seized five children from their family, citing the parents’ Christian beliefs, activists are fighting back to bring the kids home.

The Home School Legal Defense Association on Tuesday released a video documenting the story of the Bodnariu family, from whom five children, ranging from 3 months to 9 years in age, were taken last November.

Norwegian child services, known as Barnevernet, removed the family’s two eldest daughters from school on Nov. 16 without the parents’ knowledge, and later in the day arrived at the Bodnariu home to take two of the three sons.

Marius Bodnariu, an information technician, rushed home from work and went with his wife, Ruth, to the police station to find out what was the matter, but received no answers.

The next day, police arrived back at the Bodnariu home to take the family’s 3-month-old son, Ezekiel, saying Ruth’s emotional display at the police station was a sign that the baby was in danger.

“We were expecting them to come talk how we would get the other kids back, what they consider that we need of help, how we could become better parents when they consider us not to be that,” Ruth Bodnariu says in the video. “So we were waiting for them to come to talk with us or call us to their office. We did not expect them to come and take Ezekiel. That was a shock.”

Barneverent officials prevented the parents from seeing their children for two months, only saying they were “integrating well” into two separate foster homes, according to a WORLD magazine report.

The family eventually received documents detailing the cause of the removal, according to a Facebook post made on Dec. 2 by Daniel Bodnariu, Marius Bodnariu’s brother.

The investigation reportedly started when the principal at the daughters’ school notified child services that she had concerns about the parents’ “very Christian” beliefs, fearing they needed “help and guidance” raising their children.

The girls were interrogated at their school for


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