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UK Muslim accused of beheading plot had photos of police officers on his phone

Meanwhile, British authorities are allowing Muslim clerics who have inspired just this kind of jihad violence to enter the country. What could possibly be the outcome but more jihad mass murder plots like this one? British authorities seem bent on committing national suicide.


“British ‘extremist’ accused of plotting Isis-inspired Poppy Day beheading ‘had pictures of police officers on his mobile’,” by Guy Birchall, The Sun, May 10, 2016:

A TRIO of Islamic extremists plotted a beheading in the UK after ISIS issued a chilling fatwa urging its followers to kill civilians, a court heard today.

Cousins Nadir Syed, 23, and Yousaf Syed, 20, and 29-year-old Haseeb Hamayoon were preparing the terror attack when they were arrested less than a week before the 2014 Poppy Day commemorations, it is claimed.

Both Nadir Syed and Hamayoon had pictures of Police Community Support Officers on their phones and Hamayoon had a ‘Rambo First Blood Part 2 II’ knife at his home, jurors heard.

Nadir Syed also had images of the beheading


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