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A Muslim Man Takes Too Long In Restroom, Then A Shocked Father Understands Why…BUT IT’S TOO LATE


as sports fans lined up for the restrooms before a wrestling match was scheduled to begin, they wondered why one Muslim migrant attendant was taking so long. However, after he was finished, one man was horrified when he realized exactly why the asylum seeker had spent so much time in the stall.

With the influx of asylum seekers entering Europe, we find an equally terrifying wave of assault, terrorism, and sex crimes plaguing what were once considered safe communities. One such location that is of particular danger to innocent civilians is the restroom, which has quickly become a secluded area for some of the most depraved migrant offenses.

Unfortunately, a German father found out too late just how dangerous even the most family-oriented venues are, thanks to the so-called refugee crisis. While taking his two young sons to a sporting event in Munich, he encountered the left’s favored special interest minority in all its multicultural glory.

The Express reports the father was waiting outside of a bathroom/changing room during a wrestling match at a local sports hall when he noticed his 6-year-old son was taking a bit longer than usual to get dressed. Little did he know that the 20-year-old Afghan migrant who exited the room just before his son came out had everything to do with it.

Later that day, the little boy told his father that the man followed him into an individual stall, pulled down his pants, and sexually assaulted him. Although the 6-year-old was terrified and ashamed, he thankfully summoned the courage to tell his father what had happened, prompting the devastated parent to call the police.

After receiving a detailed description of the pedophile, authorities later arrested the 20-year-old Muslim asylum seeker. While detained, the migrant confessed to the sickening abuse. He currently remains in police custody.

The sex attack is just one of the ceaseless wave of sexual offenses committed by asylum seekers in Germany. After over 1,100 crimes were reported on New Years Eve in Cologne, 500 of which are sexual


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