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Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be beaten


Everywhere it’s the same: Islamic supremacism and domination from the Islamic State to the prisons in Australia to the asylum centers in Europe.

And everywhere the denial by our elites becomes more frenzied and absolute.

The fact is that prisons are hotbeds for jihad recruitment.

“Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be bashed,” By Lia Harris and James Phelps, The Telegraph May 15, 2016:

NON-Muslim jail inmates are being forced to convert to Islam by fellow prisoners using threats and violence against those who refuse.

A Muslim chaplain at Kariong jail on the Central Coast has been inundated with requests for extra prayer mats and copies of the Koran from more than a dozen non-Arab ­inmates, according to prison sources.

They also asked to be put on halal diets, which means eating meat slaughtered by a Muslim in the traditional manner.

Faheem Lodhi was recently moved out of Goulburn’s Supermax section and into the general prison population. Picture: Lindsay Moller

The situation was exposed after several prisoners approached guards after a number of inmates were ­beaten up for refusing to convert. Three Muslim inmates believed to have been responsible for the forced conversions were then moved to separate jails.

Sources said the inmates had ­requested an imam visit the jail to ­officially endorse the conversions but one was unable to attend before the offending prisoners were moved.

Recruitment of non-Muslims into the religion is also rife at Lithgow jail, with dozens of inmates making the switch, another source said.

However, the consequences of ­reverting can be brutal, with one ­inmate being stabbed by fellow Muslims after shaving off



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