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PHOTO: Here’s the “Offensive” Sticker Muslims Found on Their Halal Meat… Now They’re Suing


An English man, Liam Edwards, has been arrested and now awaits trial because he placed some anti-halal stickers on meat products at a local grocery store in his hometown of Salford.

Halal refers to the method in which Muslims prepare meat before and after slaughter. Edwards rightfully opposes halal because it hosts ties to not only terrorism, but animal cruelty as well.

The stickers read, “Beware! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism #BanHalal”:

Just a month ago, for instance, an undercover video shot by an animal charity organization showed Muslims at a North Yorkshire slaughterhouse “sawing at the animals’ necks with seemingly blunt knives, stamping on the sheep and kicking them in the head as they attempted to get them onto the conveyor belt.”

Furthermore, according to an Australian anti-Islamic activist known only as Ms. Smith, the money procured from halal slaughterhouses tends to be used to fund extremism.

Added to this is the fact that those brands who choose to purchase halal-certified meat must pay an Islamic religious tax.

None of these facts apparently matter to the prosecuting attorney in Liam’s case, Holly Holden, who opined in court that “the point about animal slaughter can be expressed in a different way without suggesting halal and terrorism is linked.”

As a result, Liam now faces charges of “racially



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