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The UK’s leading left wing lunatic says mass Muslim migration is PLUS to British economy and migrants make ‘AMAZING’ contribution

EMBATTLED Jeremy Corbyn today defended mass migration saying it is a “plus” to the British economy and vowed migrants make an “amazing contribution” to our society.

The veteran left-winger brushed off growing concerns over high levels of immigration and vowed he would NOT cut the amount of asylum seekers entering the UK if he were in power.

In comments which are likely to raise eyebrows after it emerged levels of EU migration into Britain had been significantly underestimated, Mr Corbyn said migration was a “good thing” – yet members of the public had failed to realise this.

He said: “Those that work in our health service,make sure our health service survives are often people that have come to live in this country either from outside Europe or within Europe.

“Migration actually is a plus to our economy as a while. Those people pay a lot in taxes, receive much less on average in benefits than the rest of the community and make an amazing contribution.


“There is a free movement of people around Europe. I think that is generally a good thing.

The Labour leader instead blamed the Conservative Party for “spectacular” shortages in the nation’s services including schools, hospitals, transport and police.

He also called for the protection of low paid workers from eastern Europe.

Mr Corbyn told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: “This is a very important caveat, we have to ensure the posting of workers directive is agreed, which will prevent this gross exploitation of often low-paid workers from eastern Europe being


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