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Trannies For Trump: Meet The Donald’s Genderbending Supporters


One of the accusations regularly leveled at me is that I’m transphobic, which suggests I have an irrational fear of people who suffer from gender dysphoria.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I’m seeing an emerging trend of trans-Milos coming out on Twitter, although like their transsexual sisters (brothers, kin, whatever), only a very small percentage of them can pass.

As a model Catholic, I love my neighbor as myself, and that includes trans people, even if I might disagree with their choices, and occasionally consider them batshit mental. I just don’t want my neighbour’s 13 year old daughter to be forced to figure out what she thinks of a girl with tits and a dick showering next to her. Or be smashed in the face with a surprisingly masculine volleyball spike when she ought to be learning math and civics.

In fact, there is a particular subset of transsexuals that I deeply admire and respect.  They face the ultimate double whammy in life — not only are they women trapped in men’s bodies, but they are Trump supporters trapped in an LGBT culture fanatically opposed to him.  This is a special affinity I share with these kindred spirits.

Yes, that’s right — a growing number of transsexuals are coming round to the hottest, coolest, most charismatic Presidential candidate in recent memory. And why wouldn’t they? Particularly if you’re a male-to-female tranny, I expect Trump is irresistible — as he is for me.

I’m particularly keen on Trump-supporting trannies, largely because they send left-wingers into a tailspin. They’re the ultimate rebel minorities, refusing to be a part of the Left’s PC language codes and incessant emphasis on gutless victimhood.

In that, they far better represent the mischievous spirit of the queer rebels of the sixties and seventies than do today’s god-awful LGBT lobby.

Nothing vexes the Left more than minorities who refuse to stay in their lane and do what they are told.  So, in a sense, trannies turning against them is the deepest betrayal, since they are the most special of special


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