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ISIS Crucified “Crusader” Helping US, Left Sick Message Around His Neck

ISIS captured Abdelhadi Issa Salem, who was working with the United States forces, they wanted to kill him in such a way as to send a clear message to us and to any Middle Easterners who will help us

Warning graphic content.

What so many still refuse to believe is that the Islamic State is religiously motivated, and these monsters follow the Quran to the letter. They see their war on the West as something that started with their prophet Muhammad and has never stopped. This is unlike any other war for Americans, because devout Islamists want to annihilate us unless we convert to Islam.

Keeping with what the Romans did to Christ, they wrote his name “Abdelhadi Issa Salem,” then his crime, “collaborating with the Crusader coalition,” and under that they wrote, “sentence: execution and crucifixion.” They put this sign over his head, then moved it to hang around his neck.



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