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Meet the Muslim-American backing Trump

Trump, popular for his Islamophobic comments, has a backer who is a Muslim, Arab and an immigrant as well.


by Chris Sheridan

Everything about Kamal Nawash indicates he would be Donald Trump’s least-likely backer: Muslim, Arab and an immigrant.

But ask the Washington DC lawyer about the presumptive Republican nominee – who has threatened to ban all Muslims from entering the country – and he sounds like he pulled a page right out of the Trump playbook.

“He’s [Trump] telling people that are used to being bosses, ‘f— you, I’ve been a boss all my life and I’m going to be a boss even over you,” says Nawash, 46, referring to the candidate’s approach to the political establishment.


Meet the Muslim-American backing Donald J Trump for President of the United States.

The story of Nawash is about as American as they come. Born in the Occupied West Bank town of Bethlehem to Palestinian parents, his father wanted a better life for his children.

“One big thing for him wasn’t really money,” says Nawash, now a father of two children himself.

“It was to get us a good education.”

Nawash’s father chose the United States. More specifically, he chose New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nawash was nine-year-old when his parents brought their five children to the US. A sixth sibling would be born in America.

American dream

The family opened a grocery store in a poor neighbourhood, a very common thing for many new immigrants to do at the time.

“The crime was much higher but the profits were much higher,” recalls Nawash, who worked there as a stock boy and butcher.

Decades later, he is living


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