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Sick Islamic State fighter boasts about desecrating Christian graves in Syria

SHOCKING new footage released by the Islamic State terror group shows a twisted jihadi fighter desecrating Christian graves.

The horrifying clip depicts a man on crutches in military gear showing off about the trail of destruction he left at a Christian cemetery.

In the video, filmed in the in the city of Deir ex-Zor in Syria, the man also boasts about killing everyone who tried to stop him.

Fragments of stone and wood are strewn across the ground while two wooden coffins appear to be completely destroyed in the background.


The wounded ISIS fighter limps off screen and footage pans to show the dead bodies of the people who allegedly tried to stop the desecration.

The bloodied corpses are strewn on the ground – some remain intact while other seem to be mutilated.

The video, released by the Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency, was allegedly filmed in the Syrian region of Wilayat Al Khayr.

The agency


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