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UN says “no proof” Hamas using smuggled cement for tunnels, even as Hamas brags that they are using cement for more tunnels


From Middle East Monitor:

The head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) stressed on Sunday that there is no proof that the construction material entering Gaza through his organization was used for “military purposes”, Safa news agency has reported.

Robert Piper’s comment was made in a film broadcast by Sky News about the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.
I had seen this quoted in other Arab media as well as Iranian media.

Al Resalah, a Hamas mouthpiece, praised Piper’s assertion.

Palestinian parliamentarian and senior Hamas leader Yahiya Mousa said the UN denial that cement has been used for military purposes is a move on the right direction. Mousa called the UN to take a stand that would lift the Israeli siege on Gaza, saying Israel fakes up lies to further tighten the siege on Gaza. Siege?

Hamas and PA treating wounded ISIS from Sinai in Gaza hospitals….Same hospitals where Christians are denied treatment…

Gaza where billions in foreign aid has disappeared into private accounts in Turkey and Switzerland…and five star malls and hotels have been constructed…

If he in fact Piper said this, it would be an astounding example of willful blindness by the UN.

In January, Ban Ki Moon said he was “alarmed” after Hamas explicitly promised to continue to build tunnels despite the deaths of many of its tunnel workers. Only two weeks ago, Moon condemned tunnel that Israel discovered as a dangerous and provocative move that undermines attempts to rehabilitate the Gaza Strip.
So what is the evidence that Hamas is using cement for military purposes?

We know that Hamas is still building tunnels – they say it explicitly and we have seen terrorists killed while building them.
We know that cement is necessary to build tunnels deep under Gaza.
We know that cement that is earmarked to help ordinary Gazans is being sold on the black market.
We know that very little cement can be smuggled in from Egypt, if any, as Egypt has destroyed the vast majority of tunnels on the Rafah border.
We have known since 2014 that the system that allows cement to enter Gaza was rife with corruption and that Hamas has been taking advantage of it to enrich themselves and to grab more cement.
It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realize that these five facts are evidence that Hamas is using some of the cement meant for homeowners to build and rebuild terror tunnels. There is simply no other source for the cement.

But apparently Robert Piper and the


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