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French intelligence warned the country was ‘clearly being targeted by ISIS’ and was at risk of ‘a new form of attack’ a week before Paris flight to Egypt

  •  Patrick Calvar, head of DGSI, warned of ‘new attacks’ on May 10
  •  His warning to French MPs came a week before Flight MS804 went missing
  •  Mr Calvar said ISIS and Al-Qaeda wanted to create a ‘climate of panic’
  •  France will be hosting the Euro 2016 football tournament next month

The head of France’s internal intelligence agency had warned the country was being ‘clearly targeted’ by ISIS a week before the Paris to Cairo flight took off.

EgyptAir Flight MS804 has gone missing over the Mediterranean with 66 people on board amid reports of a merchant ship captain having seen a ‘flame in the sky’.

An Egyptian civil aviation authority spokesman has said the plane, with 15 French passengers and one Briton on board – most likely crashed into the sea.


The cause of the disaster remains unknown but it comes seven months after a bomb blew up a Russian airliner over the Sinai desert, killing all 224 people on board.

ISIS later revealed images of a soda can bomb which they claimed to have used to bring the Metrojet plane down.

It has now emerged that Patrick Calvar, the head of France’s DGSI agency, told a parliamentary committee on national defence in Paris on May 10 that ISIS was planning ‘a new form of attack’.

France was targeted twice last year – with the Charlie Hebdo attack in January and the Paris attacks in November – and the French security forces are on a state of high alert.

Mr Calvar was quoted in The Local as saying: ‘We risk being confronted with a new form of attack: a terrorist campaign characterised by leaving explosive devices in places where big crowds gather, multiplying this type of action to create a climate of panic.’

He made no mention of attacks on aircraft but said he believed France was ‘the country most threatened’ by ISIS, which is often known as Daesh, and also warned that Al-Qaeda remained a threat and was champing at the bit to ‘restore its image’ as a major player, especially in the Maghreb and the Arabian peninsula.

Mr Calvar said while last



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