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India Israel Friendship – The friendship we deserve and need


Friendships and India go hand in hand since age galore. From the times of Sapt Sindhu civilization (Indus Valley civilization to be precise), to the enthusiastic interest of our Honb. PM Shri Narendra Modi in the foreign policy, India would make friends first, rather than enemies. But in an age, where even the ‘best friends’ might strike on your back, India needs to look for a nation, who is a friend in need as well, and can help India at the beck and call. Well, there is one nation as such, which India should make her best friend without delay. The nation, which is an example to others, in the fight against terrorism. The nation, which is an epitome of patriotism. The heaven for all the right wingers in the world. The nation is Israel. India Israel Friendship is the way forward.

Israel India friendship? Sounds impossible, no? Well, it might be true, but only if you look through the eyes of a left winger, idiotic to be precise. Unfortunately, India never had a true friendship with Israel until 1992, when it established full diplomatic relations with her. Before that, India was on loggerheads with Israel over the Palestinian issue, despite the fact that both India and Israel liberated themselves from the clutches of British imperialism. Strategically speaking, what Palestine is to Israel, is actually Pakistan to India. An eyesore to all, if we might say in the words of noted Indian revolutionary and right winged activist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

Indians, whose politics before the 1990s, was mostly dominated by the ‘democratically’ autocratic Gandhi clan, which was absolutely pro Palestinian. It was mostly pro Hindu nationalists, and some right winged democratic politicians, including the likes of democrat Jai Prakash Narayan, who sympathized for the cause of Israel, and advocated for full diplomatic relations with Israel.

Rare and declassified documents, however, reveal that there were some secret diplomatic exchanges between India Israel, much before diplomatic relations were established in 1992. If you don’t believe this, then the following are 5 straight reasons why India should make Israel her best friend: –

  1. India Israel Friendship: A True Friend In Need, Always

You won’t believe this, but Israel, unlike USSR, has been a true helper of India. Despite its pro Palestine support in the 70s, it was Israel, who despite suffering from arms shortage itself, gave an unexpected military support to India during the 1971 Bangla Liberation cum Indo Pak War. Famed Israeli Premier Golda Meir stepped into the issue, to divert the arms meant for Iran into India, as per the declassified PN Haksar papers. Before America could send its famed assistance to the Pakistani forces, it was Israel, As told by scholar Srinath Raghavan in his magnum opus ’1971: A global history of the creation of Bangladesh’, who was instrumental in sending  the required weapons for a para trooper attack by the Indian army on Dhaka, ultimately helping India win the 1971 Indo Pak War as well. Besides the 1971 episode, when most of the superpowers were reluctant to help India in the 1999 Kargil War,courtesy the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests,  it was Israel, who not only supported our nuclear tests, but also extended an out of turn support to us, giving the much needed artillery support for the Kargil War, which enabled us to turn the tables at the Battle of Tololing, Battle of Khalubar ridges, and Battle of Tiger Hill, ultimately winning the Kargil War against the Pakistani intruders and terrorists in the end. This proves that Israel can help India when it needs help the most. A true friend, without doubt.

  1. India Israel Friendship: The only Nation, which every Terrorist is terrorized of

Even though Israel is the subject of ridicule for the so called human rights organizations and socialist leaned powers, owing to its relentless fight against the terrorist group Hamas, they also grudgingly accept, that Israel is perhaps the only nation, which any terrorist, no matter how powerful, would think twice before attacking. The wounds of the infamous 1972 Munich massacre, when 11 Israeli athletes were abducted by the Black September terrorist group, and brutally murdered, are still fresh in the minds of Israelis. Their relentless pursuit against terrorism has brought fruits, to the extent that for the last two decades, there have been actually very few terrorist attacks in Israel, compared to the rest of the world. Even the Islamic State, allegedly the most dangerous terrorist group as of now, thinks twice before even declaring to attack Israel. You can imagine the terror that Israel holds in the minds of ISIS.

Journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer spent 10 days in the so-called Islamic State last year, publishing his findings in a book. In an interview with the Jewish News, the German reporter said

“The only country Isis fears is Israel – they told me they know the Israeli army is too strong for them. They think they can defeat US and UK ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies.  But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists.” Any doubts now?

  1. India Israel Friendship: The goldmine of Espionage

One of my law teachers (when I prepared for law entrance) used to give the example of espionage. According to him, Yasin Malik should thank his stars that he is free even after sharing the dais with Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind of 26/11. Had it been in America, one knows the fate well. But had it been the same in Israel, what of Yasin Malik, their intelligence agency would have made sure that nobody on earth knew whether Yasin Malikor any of his relatives ever existed on Earth. That’s the price of playing with humanity, at least in the eyes of Mossad, the official intelligence agency of Israel. Imagine the level of improvement India’s R&AW makes, if it joins hands with Mossad, the Messiah of Intelligence. Probably Dawood Ibrahim would be counting his days in the prison before execution, if the India Israel friendship turns into a reality. As of now, the Indian government does conduct intelligence exchanges between R&AW and Mossad, only that it is not that active, as it should be.

  1. India Israel Friendship: The hotbed of patriotism

If anybody knows how being patriotic is, ask the Israelites. Despite patriotism being the butt of jokes today, especially in India, Israel is perhaps one of the few nations in the world, for whom patriotism is a way of life. Their patriotism has reached to a level, that even when the alleged left wingers all over the world conduct surveys to gauge their minds, they find to their dismay, that over 88% of Israelis are proud of being so. Their patriotism is equal to that of India; love your country as well as


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