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Islamic State tortures CHILDREN ‘like men’ after forcing them to confess to false charges

DEPRAVED Islamic State militants are torturing children to death in makeshift prisons – even after they have confessed to bogus charges.


One escapee said he was found guilty after a trial in the prison and was told he would be executed in a few days.

ISIS fanatics even told him that his crucified body would be publicly displayed in the searing Syrian heat for two days.

The revelations come as 20 prisoners, most of whom had already been sentenced to die, escaped using a jagged piece of metal to scrape a hole in their cell wall.

One survivor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said there were around 40 women in the prison, many of whom were with their children.

He said: “‘They [children] are being tortured just like men, and some of them died under torture.

“The prison has special rooms


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