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SURPRISE, SURPRISE: This U.S. Muslim leader wants you to vote for Donald Trump


Considering that Donald Trump has called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the United States, it’s hard to imagine many Muslim Americans are ready to vote for him.

Saba Ahmed is trying to change that.

Ahmed is a Pakistani American lawyer and the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, an advocacy and lobbying group. She was a registered Democrat until 2011. One of the reasons she switched parties? Islamic values are better represented by the GOP, she says.

“We’re very much pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, (pro-) traditional family values, pro-business, pro-trade,” she says. “Islamic values are very much the conservative principles.”

But Ahmed does say party leaders don’t always make it easy for Muslims to feel included.

“A lot of us are very fed up with the policies and targeting of Muslims,” she says. “A lot of them talk about Islam and Muslims as if we’re some outside group, but we’re very much American citizens and we just want to be part of the country. We’re good law-abiding citizens and we deserve to have a seat at the table.”

Pew Research Group data from 2014 found that only 17% of voting-age Muslims in the U.S. identified with the Republican Party, while 62% leaned toward the Democrats.

Ahmed says she feels she has the support of the Republican Party behind her, and believes that Trump will ultimately back away from his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country. He’s already starting


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