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UK: Muslim faith school not inspected properly because school officials PROHIBITED inspectors from speaking to pupils or staff


And the inspectors went along with complete docility. They know who Britain’s new masters are, and didn’t want to appear to be “islamofauxbic.”

“Muslim faith school ‘bans inspectors from speaking to pupils & staff during investigation,’” by Patrick Christys, Express, May 18, 2016:

A MUSLIM faith school was not inspected properly by Ofsted because officials were “prohibited” from speaking to pupils or staff, the regulator has admitted.

The Zakariah Girls’ High School where Ofsted claim they were prohibited from speaking to pupils

The child safety inspection fell on the same day as the Islamic festival of Eid and inspectors were allegedly told they could only speak to senior managers.

The private Zakaria Muslim Girls’ High School, in Batley, is run by the secretive Deobandi sect, which often shuns contact with non-Muslims.

It is believed the sect controls around half of all Britain’s private Islamic schools.

Ofsted’s initial report into the 149-pupil school stated: “It was not possible to talk to students during this visit as they and the staff were celebrating the festival of Eid.”

The report was supported by a statement from Ofsted’s National Director of Education, Sean Harford, who wrote: “The inspector did not challenge the school when they stated they were celebrating Eid and prohibited him from talking to pupils.

“There is no Ofsted guidance or protocol to state that inspectors will not talk to pupils during the observance of any religious festivals.”

Ofsted later admitted that not talking to children at the Batley school was “a mistake” and said it had taken “appropriate action” against the inspector.

Two other schools in the area – the Islamic Institute of Education and the Islamic Tarbiyah Centre, both in Dewsbury – have raised concerns recently.

The Islamic Institute was re-inspected by



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