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BREAKING: Oklahoma Makes Massive Move to Strip ALL Power From Barack Obama


As President Barack Obama has advanced his progressive agenda over the past seven-and-a-half years with help from a submissive Congress, there has been one state consistently at the forefront of the opposition, Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, Obama failed to win even a single county in that state during the 2012 election.

Through the actions of the state legislature and governor, Oklahoma has made several moves to stymie the Obama administration issues such as gun control, illegal immigration, andreligious liberty to name a few.

Oklahoma has reaffirmed the constitutional right of all citizens to keep and bear arms, has allowed forconcealed carry on school campuses by trained faculty, and has moved towards allowing unlicensed concealed carry by lawful citizens. All this runs contrary to Obama’s push for stricter gun control.

As Obama has relaxed borders, increasing illegal immigration, Oklahoma has cracked down on illegals. Some of the crackdown procedures include holding illegals in custody until they can be deported, keeping DNA samples for better identification, and mandating drivers license tests


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