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The British Government Bows To Islam And Condemns Donald Trump For Fighting Islam – Trump Responds “I do not care…”

The British Government Bows To Islam And Condemns Donald Trump For Fighting Islam. Now Trump Responds Back “I Do Not Care Just Keep In Mind I Do Not Forget”. The Donald Phenomenon Exposes The True Colors Of Liars Hypocrites And Politicians

A girl (bottom C) holds a placard during a protest called "Not in my name" of Italian muslims against terrorism, in downtown Milan, Italy, November 21, 2015. The placard read: "I say no to violence".   REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo - RTX1V63U

By Walid Shoebat

If you want to understand the real nature of hypocrisy and godlessness than this article is for you. Donald Trump says that he will not forget the insults from the Muslim loving British politicians and tells David Cameron and the Muslim mayor in London that for their insults, he will not have a good relationship with England and he doesn’t care and that he will not forget. Britain better watch out, the Trump Train will eventually come for some reckoning.

Blasting Trump for his views on Islam began five months ago when David Cameron was angry about Trump’s comments on Islam. But this was when he thought that Trump will not make it through the primaries. Trump defied the norm and won. Now the politics show, Cameron with make up is covering his brown nose tries to save face:

So from this we know the correct definition of a politician (hint: see ass-kisser).

It is perhaps a good occasion to see what a politician is, who they are and what constitutes a politician. Everyone sees politicians on the other side of the fence as scum sucking pigs failing to notice the


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