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Donald Trump is the clear choice for pro-Israel voters


There are many reasons to vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

But I believe one being missed too often is the importance of restoring and enhancing the critical relationship between the United States and Israel. If this is something you endorse, Donald Trump is the clear choice.

There are at least five aspects of the crucial US-Israel alliance that Trump understands better than Clinton:

Strategic: Israel shares a common enemy with the United States — radical Islamic jihadism — and is on the front lines of the battle against it. Israel’s cooperation with the United States on intelligence and security is essential to keeping radical Islamists off American shores and away from Israeli targets.

Military: The Israel Defense Forces work closely with all branches of the US military. All US military aid to Israel is reinvested in American manufacturers, and Israel improves the products it purchases as well (a recent example being the F-35 fighter plane).

Each of the two nations’ respective armies is stronger because of this cooperation.

High-tech: Technological advancements drive our commercial future, and the United States and Israel are the Western world’s two technological superpowers. Their alignment is essential to compete against nations like China, India and Russia.

Moral: Israel is a robust democracy surrounded by rogue nations, terrorist states and dictatorial theocracies. It is the only nation in the world that permits (Arab) members of its parliament to advocate the overthrow of the state.

Israel is the vanguard of Arab civil rights, but the only non-Arab nation in the region. And, from Haiti to Thailand, its medical SWAT teams are the first to land on foreign soil after a natural disaster — something


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