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Israel IS a Jewish country


By Justin Amler

I’ve got something to say, because maybe it’s not said enough. And maybe there are some people who might get upset by it. Because maybe, in this world of universalism and post-Zionism, and ‘we are all one’ and political correctness, and everyone is the same and yada yada yada, the idea of a group that doesn’t swim with the tide, and doesn’t conform to the norms and doesn’t just do what is expected of them is… well… not proper. Maybe it’s just too… primitive for this wonderfully socially progressive world we find ourselves in.

You see, Jews are a really small minority in the world. I’m talking miniscule, around 14 million, give or take, out of a population of 7 billion. That’s not much. It’s just .2 percent of an entire global population. To put that in perspective, there are more people in Shanghai or Istanbul than the entire Jewish population of the earth.

And in this vast world of land and sand and rock and water with billions of people, there’s this tiny little dot, a pinprick really, that is Jewish. And what does that mean to have a Jewish country?

Well… I’ll tell you.

It means that on days like Yom Kippur, when Jews fast and reflect on the year that’s gone by, we don’t have to ask for leave from work. It means that if you want to keep kosher, you don’t have to search the aisles of the local supermarket, dodging BDS degenerates, for the section called Kosher, if one exists. It means that on the front page of the newspapers, they display the Jewish year 5776 in addition to the regular one. It means that you can walk the streets without fear of hiding your Jewishness. If you want to wear a kippah, that’s fine. If we want to wear a chai around your neck, displayed proudly in gold or silver or any other material – well, that’s fine too.

It means that there are places throughout the country where you can dig the earth with your bare hands and uncover Jewish life from thousands of years earlier – real items that can be touched and felt – not imaginary ones


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