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King David Hotel orders Jewish band to remove kippot, tzitzit

Top Jerusalem hotel allegedly confronted band playing for Arab workers, said religious garb would be ‘insulting.’

By Tova Dvorin\


One of Jerusalem’s top hotels barred a band from wearing yarmulkes and tzitzit, i.e. Jewish religious garb, out of fear of offending its Arab workers.

The King David hotel invited the Inbalim band to play for its workers, Army Radio reports – the vast majority of whom are Arab.

As such, the band adapted its repertoire to suit its audience, including many songs from Umm Kulthum and Farid al-Atrash. But half an hour before the show, the producers banned the band from wearing their yarmulkes, “because it will hurt the feelings of our Arab workers.”

The band’s director, secular Israeli Noam Cohen, refused to order his musicians to remove their yarmulkes, but


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