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INSANE! White House Issues THIS Unbelievable Statement After EgyptAir Crash


There are numerous reports from various agencies suspecting terrorist activity was behind the EgyptAir crash. But Obama doesn’t see it that way.

An official statement from the White House stated, “At this time we do not yet know definitively what caused the disappearance of Flight 804.”

I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not.

Most Americans would have been happy to have them at the very least acknowledge terrorism was suspected, but that is not what we heard.

What we did hear was White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest once again show he is nothing more than Obama’s puppet.

The man in the White House (I can’t even call him President any longer) will refuse to say what this is for fear of pissing off his buddies in the Middle East.

After all, when his term wraps up, he will once again have to go back to his radical Muslim buddies! He can’t call them out if he wants to keep peace in his own house!

I can only think back to what someone like Reagan would have said at a press conference after something such as this took place. I doubt very little the word radical Muslim or terrorist attack would have been avoided.

This administration continues to piss me off and try to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

Hillary, Obama, and the rest of their


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