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ISIS warns ahead of Ramadan in June – The west should prepare for terror attacks


ISIS has shocked the world with terror, mass murders and severe human rights violations over the past two years. In a new audio clip, the terrorist organization urges followers to commit new attacks on the West, writes Reuters.

The call comes in connection with Islam’s ninth month, which is Ramadan, starting in early June.

– Ramadan is the month of conquest and holy war. Get ready, be prepared (…) to make it a month of catastrophe everywhere for non-believers (…) especially those who fought for and support the caliphate in Europe and America, says ISIS spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani (pictured) to his followers in the audio clip, according to the news agency.

The audio clip is directed to the terrorist organization’s sympathizers elsewhere in the world. In the clip, Al-Adnani further says:

– If the tyrants have closed the gates of migration in front of you, open the gates of Jihad in their faces and make them regret their actions (…) We wish we were in your place so we could punish the crusaders day and night and bring fear to them continuously until neighbors are terrified of each other. (Reuters translation).

It is not possible to verify whether


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