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Police: Muslim migrant children behind at least four of the five sex attacks the bathhouses


Some of the “orphans” Obama pledged to bring to America ….

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“Police: Refugee children behind at least four of the five sexual assaults at the bathhouses,” By Mattias Albinsson , Friatider, May 18, 2016:

Domestic. Refugee children and other immigrant groups were behind at least 80 percent of the sexual molestation reported on Swedish bathhouse last year. It writes the police in a progress report presented Monday.

Sexual molestation on the bathhouse was reported at 123 different occasions in 2015, in 112 of the cases were directed against the molestations of girls and eleven meetings against boys.

“In 80 percent of the complaints from the public baths were the perpetrators of the declared or established foreign origin. Most lacked a Swedish personal and reports indicated that they belonged to groups of asylum seekers boys,” says the police in their report.

Police says that the perpetrators in other sexöverfall, which does not occur in the bathhouse environment, although they are primarily people with foreign citizenship.

The report is very grim reading, showing how sexual crimes and insecurity for women in the country exploded in Sweden in asylkaosets track. Police notes that sexofredandena on bathhouses and other public places “have created a sense of helplessness and girls affected have felt deeply offended and scared to go out.”

Police also lists a long series of events that describes how the sexual molestations and abuses often go to the New Sweden:

A sixteen year old girl was attacked by a large number of boys who “were foreign and spoke poor Swedish” who tried to rip off her clothes. Some photographed the event. The girl was walking home with her boyfriend from a party when she was attacked. The boyfriend was a witness to the incident.
In a similar situation two girls were assaulted by a group of 10-20 guys with “African origin” who were 15-20 years old.
At an assault against a girl in a park, a sexual assault of a completed rape by several guys in the group. They had previously been at the same party and saw her leave the place.
At an assault against a 12 year old girl reported the following identifying data; “Four men in the 20-25 age which looked to be Arabs and spoke foreign, possibly Arabic between them”. A passerby young man intervened and was beaten.
One girl said that she would pee in a bush when twelve perpetrators came up to her and sexually harassed her. In this connection, the perpetrators had resorted plaintiff’s wallet. “The sexual the harassment consisted among other things of the unknown perpetrator took the plaintiffs in the butt”
A girl of 17 years, which went from a shopping mall, was followed and stopped by the three “African guys” who attacked her by pinching her butt so hard that her pants broke.
A girl of 13 years who attend special schools were approached by “4-5 foreign guys” who spoke Swedish with an accent. They

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