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Doctor writes prescriptions telling patients that following Islam will cure them

To which doctor can all the people in Boston and Fort Hood and Garland and Chattanooga and San Bernardino and Paris and Brussels and everywhere else jihad has struck go when Islam has made them so very, very ill?


“Doctor writes prescription telling patients to follow Islam,” by Harley Tamplin,, May 18, 2016:

An investigation is ongoing into a doctor in India who has repeatedly advised her patients that practicing Islam would cure them.

A series of allegations have been made against Dr Jameema Hayat, who is now being probed by the Prime Minister’s Office in India.

One bizarre prescription written by the senior doctor includes her dedication to Allah.

Dr Hayat’s strange recommendations while working at Mukta Prasad dispensary in Bikaner have prompted a number of warnings.

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Chief medical and health officer Dr Devendra Choudhary told the Hindustan Times: ‘We have been receiving these complaints for a long time.

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‘We also warned her several times and



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