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Finland decides to boot Muslim ‘refugees’ from its country, in a sign that the Nordic bastion of liberalism is finally waking up


Finland has decided to return refugees to Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, as the countries are not considered to be dangerous anymore, writes the Finnish Immigration Service on its website.

Finland tightens the restrictions of giving residence permits to people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the Immigration Service wrote on Tuesday.

They believe the countries now are so safe that refugees can return to their homes.

The authorities believe that the security in these three countries has increased so much that the refugees would not be at risk in any part of the countries.

This despite reports of increased violence in Iraq, where among other things, IS attacks have taken over 100 civilian lives recently.

Last Tuesday at least 68 people were killed in three separate terrorist attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The attacks have been carried out in places where civilians go, such as markets.

IS also remains in control over large parts of northern and western Iraq, since 2014.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban launched an offensive last month, where they promised to drive out the Western-backed government in Kabul and restore strict Islamic rules, writes Reuters.

Somalia is slowly recovering after more than two decades of war. But the government is still struggling with the Islamic terror group al-Shaabab who regularly commits attacks against the capital Mogadishu and other cities, writes Reuters.

It does not affect the Finns, however, who


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