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Netanyahu: Quit crying and moaning, I run Israel


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed criticism of his handling of former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon’s resignation Sunday. He said, “I hear these voices in the media, the self-flagellating voices, the fear-mongering. I suggest they quit their crying and moaning.” Netanyahu made these statements during a press conference with the Czech Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka.

Netanyahu added, “I am concerned about the future of the state, and I proved that as prime minister. In politics, people say all sorts of things, but I, on the other hand, keep my words to a minimum. I never make personal attacks, and many others immediately regret what they say. I do not deal with words; I deal with actions.”

“I, who fought as an officer and a soldier in Sayeret Matkal, who was in battle and was injured, I care about Israel’s security and at the end of the day, I lead the battles.” Netanyahu stated further, “The prime minister navigates all the operations with the defense minister and IDF chief of staff. It seems I haven’t done a bad job during my years as prime minister, and so it will continue now, responsible, determined, intelligent policies aimed at upholding security, advancing the peace process and regional initiatives.”

Netanyahu added that Israel is a wonderful success story. He said, “I am proud of Israel. I am proud of Israel’s citizens. I am proud of the IDF. I am proud of the IDF’s commanders and soldiers. They guard, and we work night and day to preserve the security of our children. The security and future of our children is in one place—here, in the land of Israel, not any other country.”

Netanyahu also discussed negotiations to expand the government. “When I formed the government, I said that I


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