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Non-Jewish Dutch Family Wears Stars of David in Solidarity with Jews


Theo Klopstra and Gerja Warners, who are not Jewish, say that they and their daughter decided to wear Star of David necklaces in public because they are “ashamed of what is happening in their country.”

When Warners noticed the increase in anti-Semitic events, she started to get angry. Warners told The Times of Israel that Jewish community members are removing mezuzot from their doorposts and taking off their head coverings in public.

In the Netherlands, which is usually an accepting society, this type of open discrimination against a specific people made the Klopstra family angry. The Jews, said Warners, “have such an awful history of being hunted, abused, called names, and murdered just for being there.”

According to the Center for Information and Documentation on Israeli (CIDI), the Netherlands has seen a 23 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks since 2012. In September, a Jewish man wearing a kippah was called a “cancer Jew” and almost run over by a man on a motorbike. Similar incidents, such as vandalism of Jewish sites and hateful Twitter posts, are also more frequent.

Since the Klopstra family lacked a local Jewish community, they bought their necklaces from a synagogue in the next town.

In the Netherlands, the Muslim community is 6% of the total population, which is second only to France’s 7.5%. Dutch


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