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‘RING OF STEEL’ British counter-terrorism chiefs will visit Ben-Gurion airport in Israel later this week to learn from the best how to confront Islamic terror at their airport

British aviation and counter-terrorism chiefs will visit Ben-Gurion Airport later this week to learn about Israel’s multilayered security method, which according to the British Sunday Times consists of at least 12 separate rings of security.

Ilan Gattegno

Officials at Heathrow Airport in London are considering adopting new “ring of steel” security measures similar to those in place at Ben-Gurion International Airport, following intelligence warnings that airports in the United Kingdom and across Europe are exposed to more terrorist attacks by the Islamic State group.

Additional layers of security could be put in place as a result, including undercover police in departure and arrival halls, along with more stringent scrutiny of on-board and carry-on luggage and stricter security protocols for luggage handlers, sanitation personnel and maintenance crews. As a condition of their employment, the aforementioned personnel would be required to receive a security clearance.

The Sunday Times reported that later this week British aviation and counterterrorism chiefs will


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