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France Has Quran Burning Parties – Says Arabs Get Out!

In Corsica today, the French residents organized a massive even where Qurans were burnt and a message was released. In classic French fashion, that message was targeted at ALL ARABS, not just Muslims.


Now, I just want to take a second to remind everyone how much less hateful the USA has always been than our European trade partners. After a single large attack in France which left 130 people dead, they are now pushing to ban all brown people from their country. After 9-11, however, we took the fight to our extremist enemies instead of racially targeting our own citizens.

According to a Yahoo! News Article,

Several hundred people marched in Corsica on Sunday after two days of violent anti-Arab riots, sidestepping a ban on demonstrations in a flashpoint neighbourhood by taking their protests elsewhere in the island capital Ajaccio.

Two people were detained over the rioting on the French Mediterranean island, which saw demonstrators vandalise a Muslim prayer hall and set fire to books including copies of the Koran.

Corsica’s administrator Christophe Mirmand announced a ban on all protests and gatherings until at least January 4 in the poor Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate, the epicentre of the violence on Thursday through Saturday.

The ban came after hundreds of people had marched for a second straight day Saturday through several working-class districts of Ajaccio shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”.

Two men aged in their 20s were held in custody as part of a probe into the unrest.

Dodging the ban, hundreds of people marched through other neighbourhoods of Ajaccio on Sunday.

“We fight against scum, not against Arabs!” chanted the protesters.

“We aren’t thugs, we aren’t racists,” they cried as they marched to the police station and then through several low-income neighbourhoods, before returning to the entrance to the Jardins de l’Empereur estate, an AFP journalist said.

Police forbade the protesters from entering the estate.

The unrest followed a Christmas Eve clash in which two firefighters and a police officer were injured at the estate, home to some 1,700 people, half of them of non-French origin.

Regional official Francois Lalanne


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