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ISIS arms DEATH SQUADS to slay civilians as Iraqi army obliterates jihadi stronghold

ISLAMIC State insurgents are being armed and stationed at key points around a jihadi stronghold to execute anyone who tries to run away from the incoming onslaught of the Iraqi militia.


Iraqi counter terror soldiers are poised to retake the city of Fallujah, which contains some 50,000 civilians who have been held hostage under the barbaric control of the jihadi death cult.

But as the tide turns against them the desperate jihadis have deployed execution squads in the streets, with orders to kill anyone who tries to flee or surrender.

Iraqi military officials warned residents to prepare to leave the city, 30 miles from Baghdad, before fighting began – telling families who could not leave to raise white flags to mark their location.

But the savage terrorists are reportedly killing anyone who would dare to try.

Ahmed al-Dulaimi, a political activist with contacts in the city, said: “Groups of Isis fighters are saying they will kill anybody in Fallujah who leaves their house or waves a white flag.”

It follows reports the scrambling jihadis are losing men, ground and territory, leading many fighters to flee the frontline only to be executed by their superiors.

Last month, leaders within the terror death cult are believed to have slaughtered 45 of their own jihadis by locking them in a freezer for running away from battle.

Their corpses were later strewn across the side of various roads leading into the the heart of the group’s twisted regime to serve as a warning to other ISIS fighters.

But as they risk losing control of their oppressed civilian


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