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Isis to Israel: “We’re coming.” Mossad: “We’re waiting”


We’re coming very soon.” This was the message Isis wanted to send to Israel via web. In recent days, in fact, there was an escalation of threats posted on the Web by militants of the Caliphate that, with this cyber-operation, wanted to give assurances to anti-Israeli extremists, particularly Palestinians, that Islamic State did not forgot them and that their arrival inJerusalem, called a “bridge to Islam“, is near.
The commentators of the video, in the background, wanted to emphasize the desire to strike with simultaneous attacks various parts of the country, threatening both Israel and Egypt, calling his ally “apostate”. The images immortalize Isis fighters on desert dunes, as if to indicate the march to Israel from the Syrian border. The videos also depicts the provinces of the Caliphate of Raqqa in Syria, Mosulin Iraq, Derna in Libya and the Sinai, locations identified by the intelligence as “senders” of videos.
Isis is not new on sending threats to Israel, but the simultaneity of the about ten video messages surprised even the highly efficient intelligence service of the Jewish state. Israeli anti-terrorism experts, who monitor Isis forces, consider the posts of the Caliphate credible, also in view of the undoubted ability of its militants to carry out attacks on different targets simultaneously, as occurred recently in Europe. In recent days, in Israel and in Egypt, there has been a succession of events that are non-negligible signals of support of the strategy mapped out by followers of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. On May 8, in fact, Egyptian jihadist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (defenders of Jerusalem), which since November 2014 has been sworn to ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the killing of eight Egyptian policemen at Helwan, on the outskirts de Cairo. Four masked terrorists, coming out of a van that had blocked the way for a minibus of the Egyptian police, fired with automatic weapons, killing all occupants and running away from the scene.
During the same week, on the southern edge of theGaza Strip, several mortar shells were fired at Israeli border guards, causing no victims. The attack was claimed by the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad“, while, in response to the rocket fire from Gaza to Khan Younis, Israeli aircrafts hit two infrastructure occupied by Hamas members.
On May 10, in Jerusalem, another attack was made in what has been called the intifada of knives. Two elderly women were wounded with a dagger by two men in the Harmon Hanatziv neighborhood, in the south of the capital. The attackers then fled towardsJabel Mukaber suburb. On the same evening, the explosion of a bomb wounded an Israeli soldier in the Hizme checkpoint, at the north of Jerusalem. This last episode has attracted the attention of Israeli intelligence experts, as the exploded bomb would be part of a more complicated “chain” of


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