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Female Trump critic wrote he was ‘the least sexist boss I ever had’ before turning on him

  • Donald Trump gave Barbara Res the job of managing construction of Trump Tower at a time when women weren’t hired to fill such roles
  • can reveal that she wrote glowingly of her former boss in a 2013 memoir as ‘the least sexist boss I ever had’
  • Res found herself unemployed as the book was going to press; she emailed, wrote and called Trump repeatedly over two years asking for work
  • Trump says he let Res go over performance issues and wouldn’t rehire her
  • Today she is an outspoken anti-Trump voice who claims he fosters anti-female work environments, despite arguing the opposite in her book
  • A 21-month-long chain of emails between Res and Trump’s senior VP –exclusively surfaced by – also suggest Res was a big Trump fan until he declined to rehire her 

The woman who managed the construction of Trump Tower, Donald Trump’s gleaming black and gold Manhattan headquarters, wrote in her memoirs that the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting was ‘the least sexist boss I ever had,’ can reveal.

But Barbara Res, the first female hard-hat boss to oversee an American skyscraper from start to finish, has become an anti-Trump partisan since then, painting a picture in media interviews of a misogynist playboy who cavalierly wore his biases at work.

Res appeared in a front-page New York Times bash-fest on May 14, complaining that the billionaire builder would boast about his reputation as a sexual romeo and needled her about her weight.

‘You like your candy,’ Res told the Times she remembered him saying. ‘It was him reminding me that I was overweight.’

Her 2013 book, ‘All Alone on the 68th Floor,’ together with a trove of emails between Res and Trump Organization senior vice president Rhona Graff – seen exclusively by – provide a radically different look at the former key lieutenant.

They suggest she grew angry with Trump after he declined her repeated requests for a new job three decades later, and after he launched his bid for the presidency, a job for which she saw Hillary Clinton perfectly suited.


Res explained to Graff in the lengthy chain of correspondence that she had reached a dead end with her second career – the law – just as her husband found himself out of work.

Trump had sent warm letters of recommendation to accompany her law school application years earlier and, later, her application for admission to the New Jersey Bar. So she reached back for a lifeline.

‘I was wondering if you had anything for me in your empire or could recommend something. I hate to ask favors, and I don’t mean to take advantage, but I am in a particularly precarious spot,’ she wrote to Graff on May 21, 2012, hoping she would forward the note to Trump – who reportedly doesn’t maintain an email account of his own.

The messages stretched from that date to February 20, 2014 and quickly progressed from a pleasant hiring request to an ask



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