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G-D HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR: ‘Palestinian’ Museum is Just an Empty Building


Couldn’t be a more fitting metaphor for the entire scam of an imaginary people. Palestinian history is just as empty as the Palestinian museum.

When the $24 million Palestinian Museum celebrates its opening on Wednesday, it will have almost everything: a stunning, contemporary new building; soaring ambitions as a space to celebrate and redefine Palestinian art, history and culture; an outdoor amphitheater; a terraced garden.

One thing the museum will not have is exhibitions.

Who needs exhibitions anyway?

The whole structure of the Palestinian myth has been about putting up a Potemkin village and then expecting no one to notice that there’s nothing inside. There’s no history. There’s no past. The entire “Palestinian” narrative is built on attacking Israel. Without Israel, there are no “Palestinians”. Jews are the others whose indigenous presence inspired the Islamic colonial imagination to invent this sham.

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and other dignitaries are expected to attend the opening ceremony, but a spokeswoman acknowledged on Sunday that “there will not be any artwork exhibited in the museum at all.”

That’s okay. Abbas isn’t the president of anything. He doesn’t stand for elections. Half the Palestinian Authority isn’t even under his control, but under Hamas rule. So it doesn’t matter. None of it does.

The PLO needed the museum to open in time to commemorate its Nakba. The historical tragedy of the failed Islamic genocide of the Jewish people. It didn’t matter that the museum was empty. Like the rest of the fake Palestinian narrative. It’s just propaganda.

Omar al-Qattan, the museum’s chairman, said Palestinians were “so in need of positive energy” that it was worthwhile to open even an empty building.

Also it’s a good way to get foreign aid. And then when rockets are fired into Israel from the museum and Israel bombs it, they’ll shriek that Israel is bombing museums.

The spokeswoman said the ceremony was only to celebrate the completion of the building. She said it would be open to the public, free of charge, starting June 1, though it is unclear what will be inside to look at.

The walls. The bare walls.

And they’re blaming Israel for not putting anything in their empty building now.

In the West Bank, where Palestinians have for years struggled to build political and civic institutions while resisting Israel’s occupation of the territory, the fate of the exhibition may say as much about the realities of Palestinian society as any art collection could.

How is Israel stopping anyone from putting something in the Palestinian museum? But that’s the whole Palestinian identity. When in doubt, blame the Jews.

Mustafa Bargouthi, head of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, a nonprofit organization, said that the list of institutions struggling under occupation and other difficulties is lengthy. Among the groups that have suffered, Mr. Bargouthi said, are the Palestine National Orchestra, the Popular Art Center in Ramallah, dance groups across the West Bank, and road, agricultural and medical projects.

Bargouthi is the cousin of convicted terrorist kingpin Marwan Bargouthi. PMFS is an anti-Israel advocacy groupwith the word”health” in it.

“Never Part,” developed over several years by the ousted director, Jack Persekian, was to feature artistic interpretations of things like


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