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Glenn Beck Pal Author Brad Thor Suggests A ‘Patriot’ Assassinate Donald Trump


If there were any doubt that Glenn Beck is genuinely slipping into a state of complete insanity or even worse yet, simply the disingenuous complete Asshat, Carnival Barker (slash) Used Car Salesman many of us suspect, all doubts should be answered by this latest sickening display of truly disturbing behavior.

As we said earlier this month..

Anyone even slightly familiar with Glenn Beck, even his fans, have come to expect odd and embarrassing behavior on almost a daily basis from the Talk Host, but the past two weeks have been almost unbelievable unless you actually see it with your own eyes.

Well believe it or not it’s gotten worse, but now this time dangerously worse with possible consequences.

Glenn Beck has previously joked that he himself would “stab [Donald Trump] repeatedly” if given the chance but had to back track and claim he was actually talking about his co-host and not the Presidential Candidate.

This morning on his The Blaze Radio Show he agreed with his good friend and Author Brad Thor who said, very clearly and in no uncertain terms, that the only way of stopping a President Trump from becoming a dictator would be if he were assassinated:

“If he get’s into the white House, we will have to deal with him..”

“I guarantee you Glenn that during his presidency, during his reign if you will, he is going to petition the American people to allow a temporary suspension of The Constitution..”

“He is a danger to America..”

“I have to ask you a question, this is serious and could bring down incredible heat on me because I am about to suggest something very bad..”

Thor then goes on to suggest a “patriot” would have to “take him out”, being he did not think there would be a “legal” way to do so.

Brad Thor who’s past two books have seen somewhat of a slump in sales according to the publishing


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