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Jail Cell Jihad: Shocking moment guards storm the cell of a prisoner who carved cellmate’s HEAD in an ISIS-inspired attack


The following Muslim attack on his fellow prisoner is savage. It is a religiously motivated attack — in the name of the only religion that commands such barbarity. There is a duty to protect prisoners from these monsters — if only to prevent forced conversion to Islam.  But first, governments need to recognize there is a problem — with Islam.

For years I have been writing and posting news accounts of how prisons have become hotbeds of jihad and forced conversions. Prison imams are not monitored, and should be.

Numerous plots by Muslim convert ex-cons have been thwarted over the past few years.

“If you are radicalised and at risk of engaging in violent extremism, you need to be locked up,” NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin said. But these men are locked up. Their treachery, violent jihad and “radicalization” are being waged inside the prison.

“A blood-stained bed, an inmate writhing in pain and an Islamic prayer mat on the floor: The shocking moment guards storm the cell of a prisoner who ‘carved E4E into his cellmate’s HEAD in an ISIS-inspired attack’”
By Lucy Mae Beers For Daily Mail Australia, 25 May 2016

Disturbing footage of moment police storm cell of ISIS supporter released
Bourhan Hraichie, 18, allegedly carved ‘E4E’ into his cellmate’s forehead
Attack took place at Kempsey prison in New South Wales last month
Video shows prison guards storming the cell to find a very calm Hraichie
On floor outside, former Australian soldier Michael O’Keefe lies bleeding
Guard asks him where he is hurting, to which he responds: ‘Everywhere’
Hraichie appeared in Port Macquarie court video via link on Wednesday

Shocking footage has been released of the moment police guards stormed a prison cell after a teenage Islamic State supporter allegedly carved a message in his cellmate’s head.

Bourhan Hraichie, 18, allegedly used a sharp object to carve ‘E4E’ – short for ‘eye for an eye’ – into former Australian solider Michael O’Keefe’s forehead at Kempsey jail in NSW last month.

The video shows guards entering the cell to find a prayer mat on the floor and a very calm Hraichie sitting next to the bloodstained bed, 9News reported.

Just outside of the cell, O’Keefe, 40, tells officers



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